Drake Specialties manufactures and distributes specialty products used on or in conjunction with piping
Safety Spray Shields are commonly call Flange Protectors, Flange and Safety Guards, Flange Wraps,
and Spray Stops.  Regardless of the name, Safety Spray Shields are used to protect employees from
hazardous sprays, to protect equipment from corrosive leaks, and to protect the environment from leaks
that could contaminate our precious resources.
Flange Isolation Gasket Kits, Flange Protectors, Nut & Bolt Protectors, Heat Shrink Sleeves, Pipe Wrap &
Tape, Sealing Solutions, and Penetration Seals are used to prevent corrosion and protect the integrity
of pipelines and piping systems.
Safety Spray Shields
Designed to cover flanges, valves, expansion joints, fittings, flexible hoses, pipe vents, sight glasses,
and any component of process piping systems.  Constructed of chemical, UV, and weather resistant
industrial fabrics in Teflon   , Polypropylene, PVC, and Polyethylene.  Shields detect and temporarily
contain leaks and sprays for safety and environmental concerns.  Commonly called flange protectors
or guards.  Shields are used on piping systems conveying hazardous chemicals and high temperature
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Shields, covers, curtains, bags, and heat blankets for pumps, manholes, instruments, pipes, tanks, etc.
Flange Isolation Gasket Kits
Dielectric kits for cathodic protection, corrosion prevention, and isolation of flanges.  Kits contain
Isolation gasket, isolation bolt sleeves, Isolation washers, and steel washers.  Available in many
materials and styles.
Flange Protectors & Nut/Bolt Protectors
Flange band protectors to protect and prevent corrosion of bolts, flange faces, and flange gaskets.  
Available in stainless, plastic, and clear, high temperature fluoropolymer.
Plastic Protector Caps snap tightly over stud ends to protect against the environment and eliminate
Heat Shrink Sleeves
Wraparound and tubular heat shrink sleeves for protecting pipe, pipe weld joints, soil to air transitions, etc.
Pipe Wrap & Tape
Pipe protection, rehabilitation, and corrosion prevention.  Available in heat shrink, high temperature,
high temperature fluoropolymer, and resin impregnated fiberglass in roll form.
Sealing Solutions
Inert, flexible, visco-elastic sealing compound for sealing leaks, penetrations and holes, pipe
rehabilitation, and corrosion protection.  Unlimited applications, applies to wet surfaces, no priming or
curing time.
Penetration Seals
Penetration Seals are interlocked rubber links that are designed to provide a leak-proof and insulated
seal that fills the annular space of pipe penetrations.  Penetration Seals fit around piping going through
walls, floors, tanks, manholes, vaults, dikes, and pipeline casings to provide a gas and watertight seal
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